Nick Clements
Chief Operating Officer


+ 971 (0) 4 2757 600


Finishing University in Liverpool I hitchhiked to London with a degree in Business Studies, a ten pound note in my pocket and not the first idea about a career.

A chance encounter with a MadMan, an Ad for an Adman and huge helping of luck later, and I began a career in the Marketing Communications industry that has been as varied as it has been exciting.

First with FCB (no Messi but no messing) and since with Lintas (today it’s Mullen Lowe), Bates, J. Walter Thompson, Innocean, Ogilvy (and Mather) and most recently BPG.

Lucky enough to rise through the ranks from the post room to the boardroom and privileged to work with some of the world’s brightest and best, I have operated in London, Seoul, Dublin, Frankfurt and Dubai and more airports than I can recall.

Illustrious clients include Andrex, BAT, Cadbury, Continental, Diageo, Diet Coke, Dubai Health Authority, FGB, Global Village, Hilton, Heineken, Heinz, HP, HSCB, Hyundai, Kia, Kleenex, Kimberly Clark, Nestle, Pfizer, Pizza Hut, Tourism Ireland, NatWest and Unilever and I have learned something different from each and every one.

I’ve always been interested in, not only, how the industry finds, attracts and nourishes the great talent on which it thrives, but also the dynamics of achieving the best client and agency relationships.

And it’s that which excites me about bringing all that I know to the MCG Group, as we expand beyond recruitment into executive search, training, pitch and relationship management and M&A advisory.